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The Pharma Expert Company was established with a clear professional focus on improving the comprehensive patient care delivered in community pharmacy settings, introducing and implementing systems for pharmacist’s evaluation and development and innovation in pharmacy. Our goal is to help pharmacy practitioners and their employers to increase the quality of patient service, by introducing them to internationally adopted educational models and best practice. Through the evaluation and development of professional, personal and organizational pharmacist competencies, we aim to improve the attitude and raise the self-confidence of pharmacy professionals, thereby moving from traditional forms of pharmacy practice to new, dynamic and highly effective delivery of services.
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International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) awarded doc. dr. sc. Arijana Meštrović, mag. pharm. with FIP Fellows award.


International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) awarded doc. dr. sc. Arijana Meštrović, mag. pharm. with FIP Fellows award.

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) that represents more than 4 million pharmacists worlwide, on 10th September, during opening ceremony of 77th Pharmacy and Pharmacy science congress in Seul, awarded doc. dr. sc. Arijana Meštrović, mag. pharm. with FIP Fellows award.

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The Pharma Expert Company is founded on true experience in community pharmacy practice achieved during 15 years of practice. Arijana Meštrović also gained valuable experience in human resources management and professional development in a corporate environment. She has personal experience in establishing the latest global trends in pharmacy education and quality assurance. This covers development of pharmacists’ professional competencies, organizational skills, time management, human resources management, professionalism and implementation of patient care. Find out more... >

Best practice – Our story about successful cooperaton

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Professional development!

Investing time and resources in the professional development of your team will have significant consequences for the wellbeing and prosperity of your organization. It is, without doubt, one of the most important links to strengthen your long-term business success, in which all participants will prosper.

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With its educational programs and training, Pharma Expert can provide the highest level of professional development for your human resources. The value of Continuing Professional Development
Profesionalni razvoj

Educational activities

Individual approach to our partners

Pharma Expert’s core business is educational activities and training. The education, whether it includes lectures, workshops, interactive group work or different types of training, aims to increase pharmacists’ knowledge, skills and motivation to provide high-quality services based both on pharmacy tradition and innovation.
These categories are the components of pharmacists competency. A competent pharmacist is the one who, using personal knowledge and experience, helps his patient when needed.
In Pharma Expert, according to the Global Competency Framework, we organize educational programs in three areas:
Personal and professional competencies
Management and Organization
Patient Care and Public Health Competencies
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Our partners

A large number of companies and organizations have recognized our services and in short time became our partners.

Our partners
Our partners


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