The starting point of human resource development is the evaluation of knowledge, skills and attitudes and values of pharmacists. The model for the assessment and competency development was developed in the UK in 2005 under the name General Level Framework (GLF) by the group of experts CoDEG (Competency Development and Evaluation Group), and thereafter adapted and adopted in many Eastern European countries. Arijana Meštrović was asked to be the European representative of this model, after successful implementation in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania and Turkey. 
Various Frameworks for competency evaluation and development have been used in many countries now; Pharma Expert offers the expertise and experience to our partners for its use and implementation.  
Whether it's about the desire to provide an additional pharmacy services through the development and implementation of diagnostic - therapeutical procedures (DTP), striving to establish the successful organizational and management system through Professional Code implementation, or just improving communication and selling skills, in Pharma Expert you will find a reliable partner who offers plausible solutions to your questions.
In Pharma Expert, we are deeply convinced that in today's globalized world, knowledge, skills and attitude are the main levers of any progress.
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