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Based on the extensive experience of our expert in the field of pharmacy, dr. sci. Arijana Meštrović, MPharm, Pharma Expert offers a range of services that can help pharmacy chains, organizations and companies to harmonize their activities and engage available human resources to operate in a modern, dynamic and effective way.
Whether it's on the requirements to improve pharmacy services, or the development of communication skills and permanent upgrade of professional competencies of the members of the pharmacy workforce, or innovation in pharmacy practice based on international trends, Pharma Expert offers professional expertise and support, always keeping in mind the specifics of your organization and national context of your country.



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Dr. sc. Arijana Meštrović, MPharm
Competency Development Manager
Consultancy and Education
t: +385 1 3704 797
m: +385 91 6307 116

Tomislav Meštrović, spec. publ. admin.
Consultancy and Education
t: +385 1 3704 797
m: +385 91 2532 863

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