SMART Pharmacy in Turkey

SMART Pharmacy in Turkey
Invited by the Turkish Pharmacists Association (TPA), dr. sci. Arijana Meštrović and a global leader in the area of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in pharmacy, Mr. Mike Rouse (Director of International Services, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education), have started activities to create a new educational model for Turkish pharmacists.
The new project “SMART Pharmacy in Turkey” was launched in January 2015. The project covers the areas of continuing education, quality assessment of pharmacy education and introduction of new services in pharmacy practice in Turkey. This project should revitalize the educational training model for Turkish pharmacists - SMART pharmacies. The project was presented and approved by the TPA Board in December 2014 in Ankara. Along with Pharma Expert and ACPE International Services as project managers and leaders, the implementation team comprises TPA staff, Turkish educational experts, a marketing team and pharmacists-practitioners from several Turkish regions. After a pilot project, which started in April 2015, the SMART Pharmacy model will be implemented at the national level early in 2016.



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